Hi, there!

I’m Emma Jean and I began my fashion and lifestyle blog “atelier 22” to highlight my aesthetic, as well as showcase brands I find worth the splurge! Currently studying fashion business, I decided to bring this blog into fruition to give me a creative outlet to express my love for design.

At an early age I realized my deep love for high fashion. I vividly remember sitting up late at night, hiding under the covers on my laptop watching fashion shows on YouTube. Dumbfounded and completely in awe by the works of art walking at me on the screen. I knew from then on my career path was set. Now, I am working my way on putting my stamp on the industry.

My style consists of both classic and trendy pieces. Always keeping it polished, comfortable and with the slightest edge. I tend to indulge on luxury items that I believe will continue to assemble a timeless wardrobe. I also take inspiration from what I see on the runway during fashion month.

As I put my word on the page, I hope you find your own inspiration in my looks.

Thank you for joining me on this journey! Please come back soon.