Why I Decided To Go To Fashion School, and Is It The Right Fit For You?

Happy May everyone! As the end of the school year rapidly approaches, I know there are many soon-to-be first years out there still debating on a very heavy decision: public university or fashion school?

Luckily, I have experience at both institutions so hopefully I can give you insight and help you make the right decision for you! Just remember that this will be a deep and personal decision that only you can make, and no matter what, seeking higher education is a wonderful thing.

Public university was honestly an incredible learning experience for me. I was majoring in business, with a minor in art and thought that it was the perfect combination to elevate me in the career world. Although in the process of discovering newfound passions, I found that I was ostracizing myself from my new school crowd. When my roommate wanted to go to a party, I would stay back and browse Pinterest for the entire night. When my dorm was holding movie night, I laid in my bed and watched current fashion shows on my laptop. When I was supposed to be finishing my Human Relations paper, I was instead watching documentaries on Coco Chanel and Christian Dior. I was avoiding all of the reasons I had decided to go to this school for, social gatherings and sporting events. I felt lonely and like I didn’t fit in. I was cognizant of the fact that everyone around me seemed to have found his or her tribe, while I continued to remain in my dorm room, sufficiently satisfied with my laptop and plethora of fashion movies (I mean come on, who couldn’t watch The Devil Wears Prada on repeat.)

After my first year, I made the decision against my parent’s wishes to drop out and move back home. Confused, a little depressed and lost. It was truly a very puzzling time and I had no idea what direction I was going to go. I spent the last of my savings on trips to Europe, and ironically, I found my way to every fashion capital in the world. London was my first big stop, then onto Milan and lastly Paris. On the flight home from Paris I decided to start browsing online fashion schools. Within a few months I was accepted to Parsons at The New School and starting a new academic career!

Now I am onto my junior year of school and the happiest I’ve ever been. I feel like I have this tunnel vision of what I see my future to be and I’m more motivated than ever to reach my dreams. All of my past experiences have lead me to exactly where I am, and I’m hoping that you can take away a piece of my story so it helps you with your own decision!

If you intend on becoming a designer, production manager, a merchandiser or photographer I think fashion school would be the perfect fit for you! These 3 career paths take a lot of knowledge and skill and you would really benefit by being in that kind of learning environment. Fashion school will give you the tools to thrive and be able to supply you with technology that is expensive that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to afford on your own. Also, fashion school has a more narrowed focus on the field whereas a public school has an extremely broad range of majors and studies.

Now, a public university may be your path if you want the American college experience! Football games, Greek life and school spirit are a vital key of importance for a lot of people when choosing a school. The best part, there are plenty of schools like this that will have majors pertaining to what you may want. Journalism, marketing, entrepreneurship and business management can be found at a lot of Big 10 schools around the country. Although not completely focusing on fashion, you will still learn the skills you will need to enter the workforce. That way, you can fulfill all of those experiences and also study something you’re passionate about.

 These schools aren’t for everyone, and you don’t even need to continue onto college to achieve your dreams. But, for those of who are looking to seek higher education I’m hopeful my experiences can give you insight. There are so many schools and majors out there; you’re sure to find the perfect fit for you.

Lots of love,

Emma J

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