The 3 Best Bottega Veneta Pouch Bag Dupes

Bottega Veneta. Let’s just give a silent round of applause for Daniel Lee, Bottega’s current creative director. Awarded the designer of the year by the elite British Fashion Council, Daniel Lee has garnered the hearts of fashion lovers around the world. The Bottega Leather Pouch bag is the must have of the season and I am absolutely obsessed. You’ve most likely seen this cloud-like pouch tucked under the arms of bloggers and celebrities (particularly style icon Rosie Huntington-Whitely). With its buttery soft leather and chic magnetic closure, it’s a staple that is sure to graduate from trendy to timeless.

Being that the Pouch is the current “it” bag, all eyes have been drawn to this fashion house. More and more pieces from the Bottega collections have been making their way up the trend totem pole, transforming into the worlds most coveted accessories. This includes their Padded Cassette Bag, Padded Lido Sandals and Stretch Sandals. But the brands high-end price tag means that it cannot possibly be in range for everyone. Thankfully, other brands have created some convincing dupes so everyone can have the look for less!

Bottega Veneta Leather Pouch Bag $2700
Lydia Cream Pouch Bag $101
BOKPLD Women’s Dumpling Pouch $35
ASOS DESIGN Ruched Clutch Bag $35

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